Wednesday, 30 January 2013

To buy or not to buy...

Hey girls!
So, I've recently seen and read a number of reviews around a certain product I'd never heard about. I've read so much about them, that I fell I need to see what the fuss is all about. The product......Lip scrubs from Lush. They come in three different 'flavours'; Mint choc chip, Bubblegum and popcorn. Just that one fact about them makes me want them!
I also love the packaging:
Bubblegum....Looks so nice!


This will smell sooo nice!

I've heard they make your lips really soft and smooth, which is what I'm always looking for to be honest. Now, I'll admit, I'm a vaseline girl all the way, but these have seriously caught my eye!
Some people have complainted at the price, but I think £5.25 a decent price personally because the tubs are quite big, so I'll definitely be buying! I think I may buy one of each...they all sound and look so nice, I can't resist!

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?
Do you also want to try them?

Channy xoxo


  1. I've tried the bubblegum one which is amazing and I've got my eye on the popcorn one, I can't even imagine how good that would smell!! xx

  2. I have to try them! I think the popcorn one seems the most unusual, so I'm buying that one first :) xxx