Sunday, 20 January 2013

I just can't get enough...

I am constantly finding blogs that are just so wonderful, and that just get me hooked on wanting to know more about the people behind them. I know I recently did a post about some of my favourite blogs, but as I said, I'll be doing these often, because I think people need to know what amazing blogs are out there that they have never discovered.
Really good blog, easily a fave! Fashion, makeup, clothing-it's all here, and I would recommend you read this beautiful woman's words-you wont be disappointed!
I came accross Kate's blog the other day, and I knew from the moment I began reading that it would be one I would be re-visiting over and over again.God, this girl just gets more interesting the more you read! Kate's gorgeous, and I think she deserves a medal for this blog!
Okay, so fantastic blog...Phoebe has a fantastic fashion sense...basically everything is fantastic about her. In a nutshell: this blog is A-MA-ZING!! I love her style, and she has an ability to pull of so many things. I think she's an inspiration, definitely, and she's being added to my 'Blogging inspirations list' :).
The reason I love this blog, is definitely because I can see the lovely things Demi-Leigh has worn. She has some great pieces, and her outfits look sooo nice! I found this blog a few days ago, and I've kept going back, because I'm so interested in what Demi has to say. Sad? maybe, but then this girl is damn good I can't resist...can you blame me?
So many pictures/images on this blog, which is why I love it so much. Seeing the things Natalie has done is something I look forward to reading after a long day. Really great blog, and I am so glad I followed her!
I discovered this But, I am soooo glad I did!  Such a lovely read, and the girl behind it is gorgeous! LOVE IT, and yes, I am highly recommending that you read it!

There will be some more next week, but for now, check these out, they deserve your attention!

Channy xoxo


  1. Thank you for sharing these, I love a new read!! xx

  2. You're welcome! so do I :)
    Thank you for following me, I've followed you back- Really like your blog :')