Thursday, 3 January 2013

Favourites at the minute!

I often go through phases were I 'obsess' shall we say, over products that I have bought. I love finding new products, and recommending them to people, and I try to change them as often as I can, but once I've found a winner, I stick to it for a long time. Here are some essentials that I use all the time, and that I keep going back to:

This is some make-up which I was bought for Christmas. I also got some christmas before, and I have bought a couple for myself. The thing I love about them is the size; they're perfect for fitting in your bag, so if you ever need to tough your make-up up a bit, you can easily do it.

(Apologies for the bad quality)
The colours in this particular set are natural colours, like the greens and browns, and they match together nicely. I love the pale cream (top left) as it provides an excellent base colour for the eyelids, and it helps to blend in the paler brown colours also. There's a mirror, which makes it easy to apply if you've taken it out with you.

This is No7's Intense Volume mascara, the smaller version. I love this because they make my lashes look long, and separated, as I've found some mascaras clump my eye lashes together. Again, it's a great size, and I can easily fit it in my bag, or even my pockets, which is very handy. I would recommend this mascara if you put mascara on your bottom lashes, as it's easier to apply with a smaller brush.

I absolutely LOVE Barry M!! I just love how the eye shadow looks, and the beautiful colours they do. You can buy the eye shadow dust in a variety of colours ( these are pink and purple) and they look fantastic on. A few of my friends have started using them recently after my recommending them, and I hope you'll give them a try also!

This is my Fcuk shimmering pink lip gloss. It came as part of a set, but I think you can buy it for around £5 in some Boots stores (I've seen them sold separately in Meadowhall and Trafford Centre). I really like this, because it stays on quite a while before needing to be re-applied, and it's not one of those lip glosses that are sticky. It i easy to apply, and you'll find that it goes smoothly on as well. The shade is very nice too, it's not really dark, but it's also not a pale colour. I recommend this girls!

This is my personal choice of liquid foundation-L'oreal infallible 16hr hold-I use the palest colour, Ivory as I;m very light skinned. I love this as it is quite thick, but when applied, it feels light. It lasts quite a long time, I have worn it for about 14 hours at the most, and it still looked fine, so I think that's a great benefit! 

This is some Cath Kidston hand cream-an absolute essential! I carry hand cream in my bag EVERYWHERE I go! This is a really handy size, and it smells really nice. It makes my hands super soft, and the best part is, you can buy them as a pack of three for around £4-6-totally worth it! 

The hairspray which I am currently using is Pantene's super strength (dark blue tin). I really like it because, it doesn't leave my hair feeling horrile after using it, and I can put loads of it on, and it doesn't leave it feeling horrible ans stiff like some other may. I feel it holds quite well, as I've used it when I've been to very windy places, and it has kept my hair in place! A definite 9/10 I think!

Finally, the brush seen in the first picture is a Babyliss one, which is really good for long hair-a bonus for me, as my hair is quite long! I think it always glides through my hair, even when it is knotted, and it is just generally a really good brush! I am thinking of buying a tangle teezer, as I've heard their really good....has anybody tried them? would you suggest them?

So there we go...a few items I use a lot!
Thanks for reading!
Channy xoxo

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