Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Product reviews

So, I thought I'd review some products that I'm fond of using, and also some things that I've recently bought. I've got quite a few things, so hang on in there when reading!

Okay, the first product is Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotions from Lush. They're £11.95, which I think is quite good value, considering how good they are. They smell AMAZING. It's like heaven on earth. I would recommend these to anyone, as they leave my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. They really nourish your skin, and keep you looking all glowing.
Seriously, give them a try, it will be so worth it!

Next up we have Bumble and bumble Creme de coco shampoo, which is quite expensive at £18.50 (from Boots). Now, I know the price is off-putting, and I normally wouldn't spend this much on shampoo, however, I smelt it whilst I was shopping one day, and I just loved the smell. The thing I love about it is that it really stops your hair being dry, and my hair feels much softer since using this. If you can grab a bottle at a discount, I would highly recommend you do so! You wont be disappointed.

Thirdly, the wonderful Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Waterproof mascara...This is £22, so yes, expensive for mascara, but worth every penny in my opinion. My eye lashes look really good when I use this, they don't go too big, and they don't look clumpy. It's also quite easy to take off, and is fantastic when it rains as it dosn't smudge at all!

 I bought the Grease soundtrack, from That's Entertainment for £2!! Bargain. It's really good, the songs are so catchy, and they even include the full version of songs that aren't fully played throughout the movie, like 'Those Magic Changes', which we see Danny mime along to at the dance when he's with Sandy.

Thanks for reading
Channy xoxo

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