Monday, 21 January 2013

New found love

I have recently come across some new clothing websites I'd never heard of before, and  thought I'd share with you some of the things which have caught my eye. I've now got even more things I'm wanting, so I really need to save!

Firstly, was the blog I found the first website from. is the website, and there are some amazing pieces on here! My particular faves:

This is such a lovely dress-really summery and just perfect for a day of shopping, and catching up with the girls. I think the pattern is beautiful and I love the simplicity and how it looks quite girly. And of course the favourite colour. I love pastel colours, so this is just a complete winner for me!

I know you're thinking 'why is she showing us a bra?', well, why am I? Because I personally think it's lovely. It's so delicate looking, and the mint-green colour just works so well with it. I also like the lace on the bra, it makes them really pretty. 

I'm obsessed with buying denim jackets-I'm not even lying, I collect them ;P so naturally I was drawn to this little beauty. Such nice detailing, and it makes a nice difference to the same ones everyone is wearing!

Okay, the colour got me first, and then the skinny-ness. I love a nice, really skinny pair of jeans, and this colour will be lovely in the summer. so tempting!

This is just gorgeous, I feel like no explanation is needed her. Beaut!

How nice are they though? unique and interesting, lovely pastel colour and high-my idea of perfection.

Oh my, how divine! The colour is soo nice, the heel-no explaining and the bow, so lovely. I would deffo buy a pair!

How nice are those shorts?!? I just fell in love with them! they're so perfect, I really want a pair, and temptation is kicking in...I might actually have to purchase them! 

The second website I've come across myself is:
Really good website, with some nice unique pieces. Here's what I've spotted:

Cute little bag! Really good for during the day, and the pattern is really nice!

Purse-simple, and plain, however, I like the button on the side, and it's a really good size.

This pattern is lovely! Perfect for the day or night, and it's really eye-catching too.

The third website is-
I'll admit, it's quite expensive, and there are some pieces that are just a big no for me. However, there are lots of pieces which I loved, and here they are:

This is just gorgeous! I love the worn look, and it works perfectly with this colour. Such a beautiful piece, and so unique and different to bags in the high street shops.

I love this. It's just so different, and it would look great with any outfit. Very tempting.

Love dungarees, and these just shout Channy! so girly and feminine, really nice.

I'm loving the flowers on these, really nice detailing and they'd be great for a picnic I think.

Earphones. Can we take a minute to examine how amazing these are? I am deffo purchasing some of these, they look fab and they're blue, so a must have for me!

How cosy does this look. Lovely :)

Okay, so these are just amazing, right? so cosy looking...I really want some!

This dress is gorgeous. I love the victorian style at the top, and how girly this is. So pretty!

These shoes are beautiful. They need no explanation, they are so nice.

so there we have it! 
what websites do you shop from?

Thanks for reading
Channy xoxo

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