Sunday, 6 January 2013

Busy weekend!

Wow, I've had a busy weekend! Since friday I've been quite busy, hence the lack of posts (boohoo), but I am still here. I'd like to point out that over the next couple of weeks, I may not have a lot of new posts, due to the fact that I have reached that dreaded time after Christmas: 'exam period' (wah). I have four exams coming up, so I'll be revising a lot, and won't have much time to be blogging, but after I've finished them, I'll be back, and I have some great ideas for my blog.

So, on Friday, I began the day by revising (fun, not), reading my Government and Politics book for about 25 minutes. I then took down a few notes and read some revision notes for my General studies exam.
After doing this my boyfriend came over, and I made some lunch. He'd brought The Amazing Spider Man with him, so we relaxed and watched it, which I must admit, as a fan of the Toby Maguire Spiderman's, I quite liked this new version!
After watching this we played some games of Countdown on his IPad (don't laugh, this game is ADDICTIVE ;) ) and we chilled out just talking about random things. On the night we watched some television and chilling out, again (hehe) and then we took him home!
A lot of chilling and relaxing, but a lot of laughing also, which had left me with a stitch, I got home, snuggled into bed and listened to some Taylor swift! Bliss!

Saturday 5th-Yesterday it was my mum's birthday! I bought her the Dark Shadows film as she wanted to see it when it came out. My sister and I put money together to get a share present for mum and dad (dad's birthday is on the 21st) and got tickets for an E.L.O tribute act show at Hull New Theatre, which they were really happy about! Cards and presents opened, we got ready to go to Whitby, where we took the dogs also. We had a great day, laughing and joking, and had some fish and chips before heading back home.
Once home, we watched Crazy Heart, which was an excellent film, we really enjoyed it, and then me, my sister and my mum played some games on the laptop before going to bed at around 2:30am!

And Today....
Well, today I went to my nanna's with momma. My uncle and my cousin were there, so we all had a bug chat together, which was good. I then went to my boyfriend's house, where we watched Fight Club, and listened to music, talking about the past year, and our plans for next week (we'll have been together a year).
I got back home about 2 hours ago, helped mum with the dinner, which is just cooking now-Gammon in coca cola (It's delicious!)
I'm just doing some law revision now, and after dinner I'll do some more for about 40 minutes, before wrapping up in a blanket and watching a film, or some episodes of The O.C!
So yeah, busy! I'll be posting some pictures up from this weekend in the next week :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! What did you do?

Thank you for reading :)
Chaanny xoxo

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