Saturday, 12 January 2013

Night on the town

Hey lovelies!
So yesterday I had a night round Old Town, which was very amusing, I really enjoyed it. It was dead, to say the least, but that doesn't mean I can't make it fun ;)
My sister and I had bought mum and dad tickets to an E.L.O tribute show, so while they went to see that, my sister and me headed out round town for a few drinks. After woods, mum and dad met us and we went pub crawling with them, and had such fun (Miranda quotes, isn't that show just great?...) anyhoo, it was really great, and I enjoyed multiple Tia Maria and coke's-My signature it!.

Here's a few snaps from the night:

My beautiful sister, Alex <3

Cheeky snap!

Momma <3

Mum and Dad <3

On to the main point

 What I was wearing!
I was wearing all brand new clothing I'd got for christmas, and got all dolled up-I just love getting dressed up for a night out!

A ring my boyfriend got me...Blue, which is my favourite colour!

Bracelet from mum and dad. I love it, because it's so sparkly, and completes any outfit.

Necklace from my nanna. Quite girly, which is good, because I am quite girly (okay, a lot) ;)

I had my hair like this...Back-combed and with a bumpit in place (the medium size, in case you wondered). I love doing my hair like this, it takes some time to do when you first start out, but I can now do mine in just over 5 minutes because I've done it so much.

Dorothy Perkins shoes! LOVE them, really comfortable as they have heaps of padding!

My completed outfit...the jacket is from H&M, which my sister got me for christmas, and it's in a lovely colour! absolutely love it!

My new favourite clutch! This can hold quite a lot in it, most importantly-my camera for the memories, and make-up for touching up!

This is my skirt, from River Island-my fave shop ever! I loved this skirt the moment I saw it, and mum and dad got me it for christmas, which was a nice surprise! lovely.

Side snap of the shoes! they're not big, I had skin colured tights on (M&S-£7...the BEST one's you'll find!), and therefore they made my shoes a little big! 

What did you do this weekend? what did you wear?

Thanks for reading
Channy xoxo

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