Sunday, 20 January 2013

I'd love...

Ear cuff- £5.99
I just love this. I think it's so nice, and it would look great on a night this price, it's so tempting!

Eyeliner - Smashbox - £14
£14 for eyeline, some would think is ridiculas. Well, I disagree. I have a thing for eyeliner's and I spend my time picking them out carefully, so I really want to try this one.
Has anybody tried this before?

Purse - Ted Baker - £99
An obvious must-have! I love Ted Baker, and I am just waiting for the chance to buy one. This one's quite new to the website, and the dog just does it for me ;)...however, at £99 I think I'm gonna hold off buying it, and wait until I've saved!

Shoes - Ted Baker - £50
Just because, they're beaut. This is the only reason I am giving myself for needing them. 

Dress - - £72
HOW BEAUTIFUL. Oh my god. I just fell in love with it. I am intending to buy this when I've saved some money up. It'd be great for  the day and the night, just teamed up with different accessories and jewellery and different shoes. Why not, eh? Well, because you have a lack of money Chan...but actually, there's money in my bank account-I'm feeling one of those moments were I have to do this.....

Skirt - River Island - £20
I love the simplicity of this skirt. The light colour, and the buttons down the nice.  Teamed with a simple vest top, this will be great for summer, and at such a low price, I think I may buy it...I just won £10 on the lottery, so this will be no problem...unless I buy something else ;)

Enchanting Gold body sparkler - The Body Shop - £14
This is amazing! Every time I go into Bodyshop, I give it a few puffs, but I never buy it, although, I am going to because I'm feeling it's now a must have personally. It's compliments the skin wonderfully, and makes your skin really soft.

Cream Jacket - - £39
This is gorgeous and I'm telling myself I can live without it, but I know that I may fail at this argument with my self. A) It will work both day and night. B)It will be perfect for the holidays. C) It will work with so many things. D)who could really say no?

Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company - £105
Okay, so I love a satchel or two, but this, this is something even better. The colour, the patchwork...beautiful! The price isn't too bad, because the quality is fantastic, and I know they're really strong. So here's hoping I get one soon because I am so desperate for it! 

Dress - - £18
How gorgeous is this?!? The green and black-great combination! It's simple, yet so perfect, and at that price, surely it would be rude not to? I think so too!

So, there we have it-a few things I would love to buy at the moment. Here's hoping I suddenly become rich...

What things have taken your fancy lately?

Thanks for reading!
Channy xoxo

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