Friday, 18 January 2013

Finally free!!!

I have just (literally, an hour ago) finished my last exam for January! SO good saying that! I can spend my time freely, well most of it...I have a music theory exam in February (scary), but other than that I can do what I like for now!
I'm planning on blogging a lot more (I want followers ;P). Though, seriously, I have lacked lately, and I would love people to be interested in my blog, and having one follower (though possibly the BEST PERSON TO EVER BLOG following me already is an amazing thing) is making me determined to get you beauties interested in me. I just wish I was as good at this as some other people (sigh), I can dream.

Anyhoo, point is, I am intending to blog much more, and I can't wait to start reading more blogs now I'm free!

Me, in my very warm coat! All ready for winter weather.

Accessory and jewellery lover over here! I love Cameo necklaces and bracelets, and they complete almost any outfit, which is just perfect really.

Here's the coat. It'd from Dorothy Perkins. I love the colour, and the fur is detachable-amazing! and really keeps you warm!

I'm all for some pretty hair accessories...anything bows and I'm in awe ;)
I love oversized bows, and I often wear mine like this.

What accessories do you like?
Thanks for reading!
Channy xoxo

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