Monday, 21 January 2013


I have to admit, I'm a lover of surprises, and I can't hide the fact that when someone mentions one, how excited I get. So when my boyfriend surprised me last Tuesday, I was super excited all day!
More information is needed I think...So, last Tuesday, my boyfriend and I had been together for 1 year. I still can't believe it-it has just flown by! We'd both decided to go for a meal, and not buy each other anything, and me being me, I thought we'd both abide by our mutual decision. Silly me. Zach, being Zach had planned to buy me things, and I arrived to college on Tuesday, to find him stood waiting for me, with a giftbag.
I was surprised, shocked and excited at the same time!
Anyhoo, enough of that, here's what he got me:

Absolutely love Me To You, so this was just perfect from the beginning! 

Sneak peak of them before I unwrapped them!

He clearly knows me too well. LOVE chewits!

Mmmm, so delicious! My fave chocolate :D

I'm a tad bit addicted to literally anything coconut, so this is just a winner for me! and it's M&S, you can't go wrong!
I can't wait to start using it and give a review on it.

Smells so nice!

This stuff is justt he nicest smelling stuff ever. It smells like calpol, and we all know we loved calpol when we were little ;) I have the spray, so he bought me the shower gel-my type of perfect gift.


Addicted to these, and I was running low so this was just perfect to receive!

All of the presents!

And again!

How cute is Zach though? ;) ahaha

Have you tried any of these products/food items? what did you think of them?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading
Channy xoxo

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