Thursday, 24 January 2013

My love for Front Cover

Hi everybody, I just thought I'd share with you some make-up I have, which I just love. This is my second set of this exact same piece, and I just think it's amazing! It's a Front Cover set, and it has some lovely colours in it. It's a set with eye-shadows:

Apologies for the bad photo!
This is the front cover, which I love, because when you move it, the images changes and it shows you another style of make up. Lovely!

Here are the colours. (this set has been used, so sorry for it not been really clean...I like to show I've actually used something)
I love how the first layer of colours are bright, and quite in your face, and the second layer has more natural colours with greens and browns. 

Here is a selection of my personal faves from the set...

We have...
Magic banana (Centered at the side)
Upper row: Bracken// Ginger spice//Bayou//
Lower row: Stonewash//Chalk violet// Mermaid

What's your favourite colour?

Thanks for reading lovelies!
Channy xoxo


  1. Looks like it would make a great gift


    1. It would! A few of my friends have become interested in them now :) xx

  2. alright doll :), i've nominated you for the 'liebster award', go onto my blog and check out my latest post, you'll see what it's all about on there, rumkisses, x