Friday, 11 January 2013


I think it's about time I shared with you who my personal favourite bloggers are. I follow so many great blogs, and I just LOVE reading what all you beauties have to say. I have to say, you're all very inspiring, and you tell such wonderful stories. I really enjoy reading your advice on make-up, watching how you do it, your posts about fashion and what you wear...I have become hooked on certain people's blogs, so I'd like to share with you the ones I can't get enough of!
Here we go:
The outfit posts are definitely the best part of this blog, and this beauty has some amazing outfits! I love reading about what you've been up to, and what fashion items are a favourite. I must admit, I read nearly all of your blog in one day, it's that good! Keep it up! x
I cam accross this blog the other week, and even reading the most recent post, I knew it was a blog I would be reading all the time! WOW! Just amazing...the stories, the product reviews, I can tell you my eyes have been opened to new things! The blogger behind this is beautiful, and a recently turned mother, which I respect her for-she's clearly busy being mother, but she still appreciates her lovers who read her blogs. I would recommend this blog to every blogger, she is AMAZINGGGG! x
Again, a blog I would strongly recommend! I just love the oufit posts...what an amazing style this woman has! Fab blog, ful of girly things-just a lovely read after a hard day! x
Maddie's blog is one of the BEST out there....well, one of the best I follow ;) I love her style, and she has inspired me on some clothing items I wouldn't have thought of buying, so thank you for openeing a new area to my wardrobe! I love reading her posts after a long, boring night of revision, and I get really interested in the clothing she wears...tad jelous over here-that figure is amazing! x
Anna's blog was the first one I followed. And, I can tell you now, I don't regret it one bit! Being a similar age, I feel like I can easily relate to her, and that's one of the best things about blogging I think. I follow anna on twitter, that's how I discovered her blog, and I am so glad I clicked on the link! She has great fashion sense, and her reviews on products are always great to read. I will never stop reading this blog! I can never wait for her new posts! x
Now this girl deserves an award! or maybe even a few. I can't express how much I love Hannah's blog! The fashion, the beauty product reviews, the make-up how-to's, the videos, the personal stories, food etc! FABULAS! Hannah offers EVERYTHING I'm looking for, and is definitely one of the most inspiring bloggers I have come accross. She's beautiful, and has so much confidence, not to mention her fashion sense-superb, by the way...she likes many things I like, and owns a few items I also own! Great start, I think so...The food posts are great, I intend to try one of those recipes in the next couple of weeks! I trawled through Hannah's blog, staying up until 2:30am one day because I was THAT hooked on reading more! It's just amazing-click the link, and read until your eyes close from tiredness! x
Last one for today! This blog is beautiful really. I know blog's can't be physically beautiful, but the images put up just look so elegant and graceful...if that makes sense! aha...anyhoo, really good blog, shows lots of sparkly, lace clothing, and many dresses-my idea of heaven! oh, and not forgetting shoes! I LOVE heels, the higher the better, and I get a nice selection of shoes on this blog...who could say no? x

So there we have it. Not all of them are there, but sometime next week I will do another post like this, Infact, I'll probably do this quite often-I feel the need to praise these godesses with the respect and attention they need!

Thanks for reading :)

Channy xoxo


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me, I'm so glad you love my blog and makes me so happy knowing I've inspired some of your clothing!xxxx

  2. You're welcome hunni! Thank you for following me! xxxxx