Tuesday, 26 February 2013

'I want'

It's a phrase I use so often, and one I'll never stop using. I always see things I want when I go shopping or when I'm 'browsing online', there's always something that really grabs my attention. This week I've found a few things, and seen as though my camera has died on me (well, the batteries), preventing me from uploading my New York posts, I decided I'd share with you some things which I'm considering buying at the moment.

I'm in LOVE with dungaree dresses...I always have been if I'm honest. I really like the checks on this dress, it's a nice, simple design, and it looks quite summery.  I'd definitely wear it, so it's on my list ;)

I love this dress. It's so girly and pretty and it looks delicate, which I like. I love the colour, the style and the pattern...I just love it okay? ;) 'I WANT'!

Clutch-Drop Dead - £30
I've been wanting this for ages, and I can't hold on any longer! It's so cute and it'll fit a fair amount in, so it's perfect for a night out!

Drop dead-£10
They're so cheap, so why not?
Lovely colour, so why not?
and they're palm trees, so again, why not?
Let's just admit they're pretty cool, and that I'm not gonna say no to them. :P

There are some more things, but the more websites I go on, the more I'm finding ahaha! 

What's on your wish list?

Thanks for reading 
Channy xoxo

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