Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Hi everybody!
I'm sorry about the lack of posts, my camera is in need of batteries and I keep forgetting to buy any! silly me
However, I thought I'd share with you what's going on at the moment in my life.

I've recently applied to go to University to do film studies. I love love love films and I love learning about them, but I also don't know what career I could get out of it. So, I'm in a bit of a dilemma...I want to study film, especially at Hull University, because it sounds SO GOOD there, and I want to do a dissertation on Disney films!!....but I have another option.
I'm not sure if I've told you this, but my other favourite thing is cooking. I just love it, and I just light up whenever I cook. I bake more than an 18 year old probably should, but I love making cupcakes and cakes for people. So, here's my other plan:
I've always wanted to be good at making cakes and decorating them like the ones you get from cake shops-all big, and gorgeous and delicious. Hull college do a night class on Tuesdays for 3 and a half hours (or it might be four) and their course is four years long, because it's a really good programme, and they teach you everything and you learn how to make cakes like these:

How nice do they look?!?!

I'd love to be able to make them like that! The good things about choosing this is that with it been a night class, I can get a full time job at the same time, and I'll be able to save money up (maybe buy things :P)...which could hopefully go to me buying my own little shop/bakery, something I've also wanted since I was little.

I'm thinking of making a facebook page for my cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, cakes etc, because a lot of people have said they really like them, and I'd love to make some for family and friend's birthdays.

In a nutshell: I have no idea what to choose and I have a couple of months to choose. 
I want both, and I could do both, but I really want a job-I'm sick of being turned down because of college hours preventing me working. urgh!

please give me your thoughts or suggestions because I am well and truly stuck! aha

Thanks for reading, 
Channy xoxo

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