Thursday, 21 February 2013

New York: Part 2!

Apologies for the delay...these past few days haven't been the best-Bad news and lots of work =/
But I'm finally getting around to the second part of this, so I hope you all enjoy it.

After we'd done Hard rock cafe and indulged in some amazing food, a few of us went to Grand Central Station. It's a really nice place, really grand, and beautiful. All I could think of was the first Gossip Girl episode where Serena comes back to Manhatten and arrives there...amazing, I stood in the spot Blake Lively stood in ahah!
We also tested out the whispering walls..It works!!! If you are unaware of what this is then check this out  It'll make sense then!

Stars 'n' stripes

Our second day in NY was amazing! We went to the Ney York Film Academy, where we were told what students do in each course, how they make films, and awards you can get. It was really good, I enjoyed it; and we had a tour inside the building where we were shown the editing suite-full of Apple Macs aha, and the rooms where they get all of the equipment and props.

A real American diner we spotted on the way to the Film Academy....I really wanted to go in, but we found another one!

En route the the Academy


The sign for the Academy.

After we'd been to the Academy, we headed to the Hot 97 radio station, where we were met by Sam, a really cool guy...seriously, he was ace ahah; and he gave us a great tour of the place and had some really inspirational things to say. 
Here's Sam!

Sam lifting Nadia up ahah!

They were showing us how they make sounds and other things and the machines and computers used to make them.

After Hot 97 we headed to the Empire State Building, bought our tickets and had an amazing time looking at the view. WOW, it's amazing up there....but bear in mind, a hat and a hood is a necessity!

Amazing view!


Chrysler building

Autumn and Jen :)

I did get some photos while it was dark, but I'll put them up in a general post when I've covered all of the days!

I'll be updating you on NY again over the next couple of days!

Has anyone been to NY?
thanks for reading,
Channy xoxo

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