Monday, 11 February 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Hey everybody!
so, I'm back home, in good old Hull after been away almost a week in New York. WOW, it was soooo good!
I loved it there, however, I'm a Yorkshire girl at heart, so I did really miss home and by the fourth day I wanted nothing more than to see my family and sleep in my own bed! However, it was something I'm glad I did, and I'd go back there with my family anytime.
It's so breathtaking, and the views are fantastic. I literally couldn't believe I was there until the third day (it's unbelievable!)
We did so many things, so I'm just going to quickly mention them for now, I will do a better post in the next few days including pictures and more details. So, we went to Times Square (really busy), Empire State Bulding (great views!), IMAX cinema to see The Hobbit; Shopping shopping shopping; NBC studio tour (Justin Bieber was in the same building as I was...just saying ;P); Hot 97 radio tour; Brooklyn Bridge and some other things. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the Statue of Liberty as Staten Island is closed for two years due to Hurricane Sandy (GUTTED). I really enjoyed everything, but one of the best things was visiting the World Trade Centre and the 9/11 memorial site. It's strange being there, I couldn't really believe that I was stood there. There are the names of everyone they know who died engraved around the side of the pools and I just stood and thought about how awful that day must have been. It's quite emotional, but all part of the NYC experience I think.

I know I've crammed a lot into this post, but I will explain in more detail over the next few days, and post some of my pictures (I went snap happy over there ;) ) and I'll show you my NYC experiences!

I hope you've all had a great week!
What are you all planning to do over the holiday?

Thanks for reading
Channy xoxo

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