Sunday, 17 February 2013

New York: Part 1

Here's a post about New York...I've called it part one because I can't fit everything into one post, so there will probably be around three of them..I wanted to let you know all about it!

So, we left Hull and midnight on Monday 4th/Tuesday 5th February. We arrived at Heathrow Airport, looking half dead (literally, lack of sleep, thirst and hunger...) at around 04:30 in the morning. Checked in, and then had a couple of hours to ourselves. I took the time to buy a magazine for the plane (Empire-film geek :P), a breakfast bar and a bottle of water, and then a few of us looked around some shops before boarding the plane.
Now, I hate flying, so much but there were films to watch so it made it better. I watched 'Perks of being a wallflower' (really good film!), read Empire and tried to sleep...although by now excitement had taken over all our bodies and we couldn't sleep.
We arrived to a VERY cold -5 oc, sunny looking NEW YORK. It was amazing! I think everyone was in shock and amazement, and on the coach to our hotel, we sang Alicia Keys 'New York' ahahah.

We had an hour and half to ourselves to go and get food, so me, Jen, Autumn, Hollie and Becky hit was so nice, and the coke was hugeeee, perfect for me! After this, we all went back, freshened up...I made my face look better with makeup (definitely needed) and we headed out to Times Square.
I spotted a Red Lobster there! (ignore the man ahah)

Random snap shot

Walking into Times Square!

Spotted: Wallgreens

Times Square is amazing. It was packed, but we loved everything about it, so we visited it a few more times. Definitely a must see!

NYPD...Nadia, Mel, Sarah and Jazz

Disney shop AND Forever and my friend Autumn were SO excited when we spotted them!!

After walking around for a bit, we all headed to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner...I had a bbq pulled pork sandwich with fries-it was gorgeous!

And then, we went back to the hotel and collapsed on our beds ahah!
I'll post about the next two days tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed reading :')
Channy xoxo

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