Saturday, 16 February 2013


Apologies for the lack of New York posts I said I would do. Don't worry, I am doing them, but there is so much to say and I want to make sure everything is included. I have been coming up with ideas for the next few posts, and they should be quite good!
I have been busy getting into my normal routine, and then valentines day came so my boyfriend was at mine and he stayed over, so I spent yesterday with him as well; so I've been really busy! Tonight I'm at a meal for one of my friend's 18th and then my best friend was 18 the other day, so we're doing pre-drinks at hers and then hitting Spiders (one of the best places for a night out in Hull!) and planning on becoming drunken messes and having a great night! aha!
This means tonight I can't do a post, however, worry not-tomorrow one of the NY posts will be up. I hope you enjoy reading it.

What did you do for Valentines day?

Thank you for reading!
Channy xoxo

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