Tuesday, 7 July 2015

More about London

It's been a few days since my last post as I've been busy doing things but I now have some free time to sit back, relax and write this post. I hope you enjoy reading about more of our adventures in London!

So on our second day we woke up bright and early and headed downstairs at the hotel to have breakfast. After having a small fry up (the mushrooms were SO good!) we showered, got dressed and slapped some makeup on before heading to the tube station. We'd decided to go to Camden Market and Notting Hill so we headed to Camden first where we took in the sights and smells surrounding us. as we walked around the market, we looked at the jewellery, talking about how cute the rings were and complaining that we didn't have enough money to buy all the things we liked (typical students!). We came across a stall there which sold old cameras, vintage and retro style and all in a good condition. This fascinated me as I'm a lover of vintage things and I've planned to buy one when I'm next in London in a couple of weeks. We fell in love with some gorgeous dresses and had to pull ourselves away from them, and headed to Cyberdog. For those of you who are unaware as to what Cyberdog is, it's a shop which sells, shall we say, unique clothing; neon bright dresses and tops that flash, as well as sex toys (if you dare go downstairs, which we of course did you will also find bondage accessories and a whole load of other things). It's certainly an experience when you go in there, but also one that you shouldn't miss out on when you're in London! 
After walking around for a while we decided to have something to eat, heading towards an amazing Mexican street food stall there where we each had a burrito. The food in Camden is amazing and smells delicious and £4 for a burrito bigger than my head(they really are massive) is something you can't miss out on!

Once we'd been around Camden market we headed back to the tube and went to Notting Hill. We strolled down Portobello Road which is so cute and quirky and has houses painted in pretty pastel colours. We had a lovely walk around the area talking about life and people watching before heading to the Natural History Museum. This museum is amazing! We only got so much of it done but we enjoyed every minute there! There are various sections within the museum which focus around animals of the past or which are becoming extinct, the earth and much more. The section on mammals was my favourite part and also the dinosaur section as well. What I love about this museum is that there is so much information to read and I love reading about things and learning. 

Once we had been around so much of the museum, it was coming up to closing time so we left and walked to Harrods to have a wander around the food hall and of course, more importantly, the shoes. The food hall is one of my favourite places to go because I love seeing the fresh food and all the cheeses and freshly made cakes and cupcakes. I also love the smell of the steakhouse and just watching people buying all sorts of different foods. Once we'd walked around the food hall, we went to the shoe department and spent at least 40 minutes looking at all of the gorgeous designer shoes and talking about how one day, we'll be one of those women that goes and buys two pairs of Christian louboutin and doesn't even think about how much she has spent (we have big dreams!). 

After walking around there for a while we headed to Bubba Gumps for dinner, where Jazz and I enjoyed the coconut shrimp and Amy had their delicious burger. We ate too much but it was so good so we didn't complain. I absolutely love Bubba Gumps and definitely recommend that you try it if you love seafood! Once we had eaten there, we went back to the hotel and chilled for a while, talking and laughing a lot before going to bed.

Here are some photos I took:

Irregular Choice...absolutely love the shoes here!

That famous Camden pic that everyone takes ;)

An old fashioned Beetle car down Portobello Road...I really want one!

Pretty pastel houses

Cute house!

Notting Hill

Natural History Museum exhibit


How cute!

Baby elephant

Was such a lovely sunny day!

Bubba Gumps <3

Soho at night!

Thank you for reading! More to come on London!
Channy xoxo

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