Thursday, 2 July 2015

A little trip I took..

A few months ago myself and my best friend began talking about travelling and wanting to see the world and going on little trips. We decided that this summer we'd start our travelling journeys with one another by going to London for a few days. And then my other best friend joined in with our discussion, and before we knew it we were planning a few days there and excitedly talking about what we would do while we were there. And then, our talks about London calmed down and we hadn't mentioned it for a while (mostly due to the crazy amount of uni work we all had), however, one day a couple of months ago we talked about it again, and then a few days later we suddenly had a hotel booked and train tickets ordered. It was happening. We were going, and we were so excited! 

Roll on a couple of months and the day arrived...due to out insane level of excitement, none of us had realised that we had booked to go on Father's day (oops) so we got up early, messaging each other in excitement, rushing around to get ready before heading to the train station. We took our seats and in a matter of minutes we were laughing so hard, and that's how the rest of the journey to London went. We arrived there, went to the hotel and headed to Nando's, because what else do you do when you need to wait three hours before checking in?!? Let's be real here, Nando's was the only option, and it went down a treat. 

After checking in, we headed straight for Covent Garden and wandered around the shops, taking in the sights and smells(despite having eaten Nando's until we felt like we couldn't move, we were left with our mouths watering at the smells of crepes and pies) and people watching. We moved on to Leicester Square, among the hustle and bustle and evening entertainment, went in a few shops and found ourselves making many jokes leaving us crying with laughter. Moving on from there, we headed towards the South bank and walked on the embankment, taking in the lovely views and just having a good old laugh. 

We walked a lot and our feet were hurting us so we decided to grab a bag of sharing doritos and head back to the hotel where we enjoyed our pre bedtime snack. After the exhausting day we'd had we drifted off to sleep(after making our stomachs hurt with laughter) and woke the next morning ready to explore London. 

I'll upload in a few days about our second day in London as these posts are fairly long! But for now, enjoy some of the photos I took from our first day :)

Russel Square Underground sign

Russel Square looking pretty in the sun

The Moomin shop in Covent Garden

Urban Outfitters...who doesn't love this shop?!

The Commitments!

I love the statues around London

Marching bands!

Such a cute area!


Thank you for reading! 

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