Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Changing for the better

Do you ever look at the people you know and suddenly realise how much they have grown as a person or changed over the years? The way they once behaved or acted has completely changed and they have an altogether different view on life, and to see this is wonderful. It's so great because you can see how they once saw the world, and are able to compare it to how much more understanding they now are of the world.
This all probably seems rather strange to be reading, but this is a post I've wanted to write for a while, mostly due to witnessing changes myself in regards to friends of mine, family members and even celebrities. Yes, celebrities. We read about them so often, it seems there is no escape from them. As we scroll down our facebook news feed there are so many stories about celebrities which everyone is talking about. We follow them on instagram to see what they do with their lives and it's from instagram that I had the idea to write about how people change overtime. This may seem confusing, but bare with me, I do have a valid point!

The reason I am writing about how people change and how it's very good for people to change comes from being a fan of Lindsay Lohan. Now I know many people have a strong dislike towards her, but she is a person, she is real, she has her issues, but who doesn't? The point I'm trying to make is that many things happen in our lives that define us and change us and make us who we are today. The exact same thing happens to celebrities and yet many people view them as 'special' people, unlike ordinary people, when in fact, they are the same. The only difference is, they are in the public eye and they have six zero's behind their yearly wage. They go through the same things that we do and they change as the years go on, just like we do.
To get back to Lindsay Lohan...the reason I'm focusing on her is because her life has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and she's only 29; however, she has changed over the years and the world has watched her transform from a young girl, to a troubled young woman, to a positive and focused woman. I follow her on instagram and it's so interesting to look at her photos and see how she has changed overtime. She was once a self confessed alcoholic which caused her to be reckless and lead to her drug use. For quite some time her life was, to be honest, a mess and it didn't look like she was going to get her life back on track. But she did. She picked herself up, dusted off all the crap in her life, surrounded herself with positive people and began to change her life and herself. At one time she would have looked at life and her problems and would have decided to take drugs to run away from it all, but now she is much more positive, accepting that bad things happen but that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The things with change is, it exists in so many forms. People can mentally change, physically, emotionally, in terms of their appearance, the way they dress, eat, talk etc, and it's all fascinating to see. If you look at pictures of Lindsay Lohan from between 2004 and 2011 you can see that these years were not good on her body and her view on life was probably not very good; she turned to alcohol and drugs to get away from everything and was rarely sober.

These pictures are just a few taken between those years, and you can see how her body changed and how thin she became. Years of drug abuse damaged her both physically and emotionally, however she changed her life and herself and now she looks much better and often talks about health and taking care of yourself and looking after your mind and body. Below are some photos from her instagram of her now and you can see a drastic change in her face and body.

This one was captioned: 'Hard work pays off. Thank you to all those that allowed me to volunteer while in NYC. God bless you all. Amen.' If you wanted proof that she's changed. then here it is. a few years ago she wouldn't have taken community service seriously, but last time around she stuck to it and completed it.

'Hard work pays off'...she couldn't be more right. Because when you work hard you are making yourself more determined and are therefore changing. And everybody does it. Our friends and family all make changes and they all make them to benefit themselves. I certainly know I've changed. A few years ago if you'd have asked me what I wanted to be/do when I was older I'd have answered with 'I want to be a lawyer' and not much more. Ask me now and you'll hear a number of things including: being a cake decorator, reviewing films for a magazine, travelling the world, having my own 1950's style American diner, writing my own recipe books and wearing christian Louboutin's everyday. I've changed. I've changed a lot and my thoughts on things have changed drastically. Would I want to be a lawyer at all anymore? the answer is no, because I've found other things which interest me more, and which I'm a lot better at.
The fact is, we change a little every day, and most of the time we don't even realise it ourselves, but we notice it other people. An example I have of noticing things is when my best friend Jazz had her hair cut just before christmas. She used to have long hair like me and she cut 16 inches this is an obvious physical change to her appearance but the change I'm referring to is how it seemed to make her happier..she was happy before she had it cut, don't get me wrong, like she is always happy, she's like a little ball of sunshine, but she received SO many compliments that I think it made her feel better in herself and now whenever anyone mentions her long her she always replies saying how much better she feels with it shorter. And this is exactly why I'm saying that changing is for the better. If something makes you feel great and generally more positive then nobody should view it as bad. Everyone should feel positive. We're all about those posi vibes!

I took to tumblr when thinking about making this post and as we all know, tumblr is home to thousands of quotes and since I'm not about to sit here and think of my own quotes to sum up what I'm trying to say, I thought I'd let tumblr help me out.

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.
Could not say it better!

I guess the whole point in this post is to tell you all that whatever you do in your life and how you grow as a person and the way you write your own story will inevitably change you in various ways and that's okay. Please don't feel as though the choices you make are wrong, because no one can tell you what to do. And no one can tell you you are wrong. And no one should say 'you've changed' in a negative manner, as though you have done something wrong and making you feel guilty for becoming the person that you are, And if anyone says that to you in that manner, then please, don't allow them to contribute to your life any more because you have changed for the better, you have improved yourself and they probably wont know what has happened in your life or what you have gone through. Everyday we go through many things and face new challenges, be them small or large, we overcome fears, confront fears, do extremely difficult things and discover new things and all of these change us and make us see the world in a different light. So hold your head up high and continue on your amazing journey through life. Just remember, you're going to change as person, but you are also contributing to the change of the world and the future of it. And if Lindsay Lohan can change and grow into the person she now is considering her past and the added pressure of the paparazzi and always being in the public eye, then so can you.

Be happy, improve yourself and continue to change in to your future self :)

Thank you for reading

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