Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Essays, essays and more essays..

My life at the moment seems to be focused entirely on one thing: Essays
I have four essays due in all around the same time (one on Friday, the other three all next week), so my days are currently spent on the laptop trying not to go over the word count by too much! It's been a crazy few weeks planning all of these essays and researching and typing them up, but I'm getting there. Earlier today I handed one essay in (finally!), I have another complete and I'm about half way through my third one. So hopefully by next Tuesday I will be essay free for a few months, and along with that, my stress should just drift away...hopefully..
Is anybody else writing essays for university/college/school? If so, I have a little tip: don't try and cram loads of work in each day, just pace yourself out...I usually plan to write between 500 and 700 words a day when doing an essay, that way it keeps me calm(ish) and I feel as though I'm more focused and word things much better!
And have breaks! This is vital and very important! Make sure you have a quick breather for every half an hour of typing you do. Walk away from the laptop/computer, stretch your legs, drink some water...get a bit of fresh air for a few minutes! A few minutes of space can really help you when writing essays, so make sure you don't over exert yourself because it will just make you tired and then your focus will fly out of the window!

I've basically finished my second year at university now so I can relax a little bit more and get started on all the plans I've made! But for now, it's back to writing this essay...I'll be back soon!


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